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The Feather Thief


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In Ep. 39-The Prince of Naples- Wayne discussed the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, his troubled upbringing, and his subsequent escape to Florida. Although, he arrived with just his luggage and pocket change he was able to talk his way into the company of the town’s wealthy elite..

just listen to’s great…

I say all that because the man in the book and the man in Ep 39 shared a very unique hobby..They both spent a lot of time chasing birds.

(Not Birds like girls - This is Uh‘Merrica - We ain’t speakin the Qwan’s English here.Unless you ask, then we will for sure.)

Sidenote: Isn’t it some crap that in elite circles odd behavior, weird habits or unconventional hobbies are seen as eccentric, quirky, and unique. While the homeless man on the street exhibiting the same traits will definitely be shunned, made fun of, and called weirdo, crazy, or Billy Zane.-


The Feather Thief follows a 20yr old American flutist who is studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. This flutist not only excels at his instrument but has mastered fly tying.

I would be doing you and the book a disservice by even attempting to express how truly unique and interesting this hobby is. But let me just say this. Rare Birds skins and bird feathers are so desired in this community most auctions last less than 24hours and questions about the feathers and their origin are just…not asked.

While doing research for the book the author attends a fly-tying meetup. He mentions the heist to a man running a small booth at the meetup and gets a very warm reply.

“We’re a tight knit community, fly-tiers,and you do not want to piss us off.”


4 brains