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It Follows


2.5 Brains

Why?- Hollywood is destroying the classics!

The old crew from Derry, Maine has grown up and is sadly unrecognizable at this point.(I’m looking at you casting!)

This “IT” sequel picks up where nothing before it left off.Finding out that your favorite character has changed there name, race, gender or all three is to be expected in 2019 but makes it challenging to follow.

Childish fears like balloons, jewish paintings, and bloody bathrooms make no appearances here in this mature makeover.

Worst of all, Pennywise is no longer the main fear portrayed in IT “follows.” In a way to one-up the classics this sequel attempts an edgy but relatable fear. THE CLINGY ONE NIGHT STAND!

This reviewer can’t relate, however, because he marries all his one-night stands.





(3-time divorcee)

(I’m probably out of your league.)

Josh's Really Really Smart Movies



2 Brains


Why?- Treehouse design makes no sense. Just look at it..objectively

Hereditary was actually great 3/4 of the way through..a good amount of suspense.

The last bit felt rushed almost crammed full of horror tropes that my simple brain couldn’t comprehend a need for.

Josh- For watching this on your own- You have been BANNED from listening to FMoFM podcast.