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4 Brains

Riga-tony, starring James Gandolfini's son, was pleasing both to my heart and my eyes (and my belly, but more on that later)

As a self-proclaimed movie buff, my style of reviewing differs from Joshua.

Josh, a professional, will watch a film and see things that average folks miss. Foreign Color scale, Reverse Camera angles, Continuity theories, and Subconscious Product Placement.

I, on the other hand, watch movies simply for pleasure. How does this movie make me feel in my heart? How does it feel to my eyes? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself during each and every viewing.

The film opens with your classic Mafia-Italian stereotype. 20 people sitting around a table, all wearing zoot suits, all eating bowls of spaghetti. The violence escalates quickly due to circumstances that I won't mention because they contain multiple spoilers.

The entire film is a rollercoaster of emotions: Joy, sadness, fright (to be scared), arousal and hunger. Nearly every scene featured a shot of pasta somewhere in the frame (and yes I did spot the fettuccine during Big Marcos dance number).

All in all, Riga-tony was amazing. I give it a solid 4 brains out of 5. James Gandolfini's son stole the show and I can't wait to see him in future Italian productions.


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Camp X-Ray


4.5 Brains

Why?- hard to explain

I was hesitant to start a movie with K.Stew about G.Bay for obvious reasons. I am strongly ANTI-Bay. This reviewer is more of a cove, inlet or estuary fan..Bays can gtf-out of here.

I sat through a slow beginning and slow middle..with one part left..the end.

“How will this end?” I asked myself outloud to a theatre of strangers.

“She will break him out”- someone shouted

“No she will commit a terroristic act to get placed in a cell next to him”-shouted another

“shut-up NERDS” - shouted my grandma

This reviewer thinks you should watch it and find out why the ending got this movie up to 4 Brains.



Thanks K.Stew!


Thank you

Ciara from

South Hampton..United Kingdom

Josh's Really Really Smart Movies

Loving Vincent


1 Brains


Why?- I get it..art (super clever)

But every square millimeter of foreground and background moving independently is overkill brah. 50min in..I was done.I kept burping expecting the contents of my body’s food bindle to empty out onto and into my Shaggy(music artist) shag rug.

Geoff from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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