Episode 28 - Tony Macaroni

Greg, Wayne, Oua, and Cameron discuss attempted ATM robberies, self tattling criminals, and Key West's legendary Tony Tarracino.


“I’m running for Mayor of Key West.

A little about me?

I moved here after surviving a beating by the mob in which I was left in the landfill for dead. Once here I slept in a closet while working on a shrimp boat. I worked longer and harder than any shrimper until I became The captain of my own boat. Oh yeah, I then ran guns for Castro. Recently? Oh well I own and run Capt. Tonys Saloon . What’s on my ipod? Right now it’s “Last Mango in Paris” by Jimmy Buffet…a song he wrote about me.

So,Can I count on your vote? k.thanks” -Capt.Tony