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The current zeitgeist is to praise Keanu and all his works. Cool, I love a good zeitgeist; errrbody knows that.

Hoping to be afflicted, I watched a Keanu movie called "Henry's Crime". Hmmm.

My 'pinion of Keanu's acting style, if summarized into one word, would be "aloof."

Doesn't matter if Keanu is playing parts in movies like Trench-coat scoliosis, Venice Hooligan President, Angry Bus Passenger, or The time traveling mailbox... I find him always aloof.

Now casting probably thought they knocked it outta the park when signing Keanu for Henry's Crime. This is because Henry's main character trait would best be described as "aloofness." Now, telling Keanu to just "be" would have definitely sufficed and delivered the ideal amount of aloofness that Henry needed. However, some dumdum told Keanu that Henry's character was"aloof" by nature and that was the film's biggest mistake.

Doubling up on aloofness seems to make any expression indiscernible on Keanu's face, as he strides blankly through the part of Henry. Henry is aloof in his decision making and his awareness to the people around him. Keanu, i.e. Henry, has a level of walking catatonia that would be only recognizable to fans of the hit Robin Williams film "Awakenings."

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Loving Vincent


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Why?- I get it..art (super clever)

But every square millimeter of foreground and background moving independently is overkill brah. 50min in..I was done.I kept burping expecting the contents of my body’s food bindle to empty out onto and into my Shaggy(music artist) shag rug.

Geoff from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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