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The Feather Thief


4 Brains

In Ep. 39-The Prince of Naples- Wayne discussed the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, his troubled upbringing, and his subsequent escape to Florida. Although, he arrived with just his luggage and pocket change he was able to talk his way into the company of the town’s wealthy elite..

just listen to’s great…

I say all that because the man in the book and the man in Ep 39 shared a very unique hobby..They both spent a lot of time chasing birds.

(Not Birds like girls - This is Uh‘Merrica - We ain’t speakin the Qwan’s English here.Unless you ask, then we will for sure.)

Sidenote: Isn’t it some crap that in elite circles odd behavior, weird habits or unconventional hobbies are seen as eccentric, quirky, and unique. While the homeless man on the street exhibiting the same traits will definitely be shunned, made fun of, and called weirdo, crazy, or Billy Zane.-


The Feather Thief follows a 20yr old American flutist who is studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. This flutist not only excels at his instrument but has mastered fly tying.

I would be doing you and the book a disservice by even attempting to express how truly unique and interesting this hobby is. But let me just say this. Rare Birds skins and bird feathers are so desired in this community most auctions last less than 24hours and questions about the feathers and their origin are just…not asked.

While doing research for the book the author attends a fly-tying meetup. He mentions the heist to a man running a small booth at the meetup and gets a very warm reply.

“We’re a tight knit community, fly-tiers,and you do not want to piss us off.”


4 brains

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Hurricane Heist


.5 Brains

I did some searching for “hurricane” themed movies while Dorian was approaching, and to say the “pickins” were slim would be an accurate statement.

It seems hurricanes are not the go-to natural disaster when wanting to create a feature-length film.

I assume the antagonist hurricane sticks around throughout most of the film but this reviewer did not. I started and stopped the film 3 separate times and never made it past the 25min mark.

It started with the soon-to-be steamrolled-by-a-rolling-water-tower father driving two boys under 10 (sorry, I don’t know kids ages). The boys, I assume both are nearsighted, are oddly oblivious to the tree-leveling weather that is within arms reach. They are riding shotgun in a rickety ol’ tow-truck while their father, soon-to-be-an-IHOP-special, tries to outrun the surprise hurricane that has descended on top of them. Somehow the ol’tow truck careens off the road and gets stuck on a rock or “high centered” as the soon to be squashed dad tells us.

Luckily, ol rickety tow truck has a winch and almost-flat-father knows how to use it. Pounding-sand papa plans to wrap the winch cable around a tree and winch the truck off the big rock, but first he must get the boys out of the safety of the truck and run them inside a mystery house 100 yards away.

Outside? yeah it’s bad..There is debris striking the truck like it's competing on American Gladiators, specifically facing Malibu on the tennis ball cannon.

Here is a quote taken from when they bust into a strangers house without warning.

”Hello? Hello?

I'm sure it's all right.

You boys stay in here.

I gotta get that truck back on the road.

You understand?”

As an outsider, watcher of this scene—NO I DONT UNDERSTAND. You want the truck back on the road, because it is safer to be in the truck “outrunning” a hurricane. You also want the boys in the house because it is safer than in the truck.

Here we go baby!

We are 1minute, 15 seconds in and, in the background, we see a cylindrical water tower fall to the ground kicking off it’s legs. Just like a quarterback throwing a pigskin ahead of the receiver, we see Mother Nature blow the water tank to where Dad will be and not to where Dad is currently. Dad’s timing is perfect and he meets the cylinder perfectly in front of the window where his boys are standing. Although Dad made the catch, the boys react in a way that makes me believe the cylinder had some unexpected weight to it. Mother Nature decides this isn’t a scene for young boys to witness so she flips the “safe” house a couple of times.

True Story, I mean all the above was true, but this is insane and true.

The boys land with an opening to the sky and although the hurricane seems to be dissipating somehow.. a skull forms in the clouds directly above them and growls at the younger boy who dares make eye contact with it. That really happened.

Last note.

I was told the “southern accent” is the “easiest” American accent to learn or fake. My man from Black Mirror (the eyeball DVR episode) really made an effort. I wanted to reference a cartoon character with a wildly drawn out southern accent, but, honestly, none hold a candle to this guy’s linguistic caricature of an “authentic southern drawl.”

Watch 10 min of it just to find that I’m not fibbing..schucks!


Josh's Really Really Smart Movies



2. 5 Brains


What can I say? It’s probably in your top 10 favorite films,ya?

After sludging my way through this movie I looked at my notebook to see what “haha funny” things I had noticed about the film. Circled was “Who really rules Neverland-Look to kid island?”

I restarted the film where Peter arrives at kid island. Peter is an immediate target of harassment being that he is obviously an ugly grownup.(Buddy, I feel ya there, oofa)

It seems Ruffalin is in charge of kid island because he is closest to puberty and controls Excalibur. No one seems to be challenging his rule I imagine because he has a golden sword and they only have goop-tipped arrows.

Wayne always says “Don’t Bring Goop Arrows to a Sword Fight” and I finally figured out why.

“So who rules Neverland?” You ask.

Come with me to the scene where Peter has been cornered and Ruffalin pulls out his sword. Here we see Ruffalin almost chop Peter in half (vertically) but stop short. Why? Not because the children around him shouldn’t be exposed to such a horrific act, but because he needs approval. Ruffalin doesn’t rule Neverland or kid island.

Enter the actual leader of Neverland, a small African-Neverlandian child. He grabs Peter’s face, I assumed it was to remove his spine ie; Mortal Kombat Finish Him, but caresses it. He “mushes” it in a way that I imagine the prisoner on “Scared Straight” would have mushed that one white kid’s face if given the chance.

After a good mushin he stretches Peters face backwards and whispers “Oh, There you are.” - Pardon?

This made me immediately burst out in a good laugh. Sheesh..What did Peter look like as a kid?

So I did some searching and made some calls.I found an original poster. showing young Peter that was denied by Disney executives. Enjoy.


Josh's Really Really Smart Movies

The Wizard


3. 5 Brains

This was not as I remember it. Like not at all.

We open with what looks like the desert scene from “Mac & Me.” A long empty highway with a lone boy walking down it. This boy has covered so much distance WALKING they need planes to catch up to him..IM SORRY, WHAT!?

The plane sees him and gives his coordinates to the STATE TROOPER…lol..not the town cop, not the county Sheriff, a State Trooper. lolol

State Trooper pulls up to the boy and shouts “SON!..SON!..” then radios back “Yeah, that’s him” .. -Pardon? Are there a lot of other stray boys wondering highways in this region?


VISION BRAND CLOTHING & NINTENDO got together to shoot a cool kids commercial with Fred Savage and Christian Slater. At the shoot—Fred Savage said it should be actually feature length movie. And instead of kids at a BBQ, it should be about and kid who watched his twin sister drown in a river “but not get pulled down river, instead drown right there 3ft in front of him” (a quote from the movie.)

This traumatized kid has to walk, stack stuff, or play video games to heal his brain. VISION and Nintendo agreed instantly because tthis sounded really SSIIIIICCCKKKK!!

My Review. 3.5 brains

Why?: There is a scene in this movie that is like “Groundhog Day” to me. I lived and re-lived it everyday in middle school. Here is the scene.

The first round of competition has just ended. The Coolest of Cool kids “Lucas” is advancing to the next round but- is not happy to see “Jimmy” advance to the next round.

Lucas and his buddies exit the building and the only non-VISION branded shirt wearing, caucasian boy walks up. This boy is me aka “middle school Josh” and he is attempting to talk “cool kid style” to the cool kids once again.

JOSH-”Lucas, Hey Lucas (catching up) Man, That was Great! (enter odd saying that has never been said by a kid my age) Your going to rip their gizzards out!”-

LUCAS-”Yeah,Yeah, Dorklips, make yourself useful and get me a drink”

….This day was repeated in the hallway, in the lunchroom, and after school for years. But I showed them.

Trust Me, I did..BRAD!..I SHOWED YOU & ZACH!


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Primal Fear


4. 5 Brains

Not a review this time…but a story.

—Basic Synopsis of Movie—

“Defense attorney Martin Vail takes on jobs for money and prestige rather than any sense of the greater good. His latest case involves an altar boy, accused of brutally murdering the archbishop of Chicago. Vail finds himself up against his ex-pupil and ex-lover, but as the case progresses and the Church's dark secrets are revealed, Vail finds that what appeared a simple case takes on a darker, more dangerous aspect.”

I was 15 and was the invited friend on a family of 3’s road trip. It was me, my best friend (AT THAT TIME), his mom ( FOR FOREVER) and his stepdad (HALF OF HIS LIFE). We are all riding in comfort, because the stepdad drives a conversion van. Yungbloodz, like Cam, will picture some ride like Bumblebee, Wayne’s favorite Transformer movie, but you are far off.

A conversion van was basically a normal van but the “conversion factory” would blowup a huge velour/carpet balloon inside of it until it popped covering every surface in a material able to soak up liquids. They would then tuck a tv and vcr in it and sell it to old white men. (it's true, read a book).

After just days on the road we had burned through our stacks of old Trivial Pursuit cards and BrainQuest Quiz decks. Every vhs in the van had been watched, at least twice at this point, so at every gas stop we would hunt the shelves for anything at all. One late evening the lady of the van had initiated a pee stop. I blew past, through the lot, and hit the spinning vhs rack. BOOM BABY! PRIMAL FEAR! I knew it, I loved it..I wanted it…so, I bought it!

We are all now back in the van traveling 70mph down the interstate. I pop in the VHS and the very clear orator RIchard Gere drops 3 sentences which include the words. “whorehouse & f^@ked” all within 15 seconds. Somehow those two lines were blocked frequency-wise with a bag of sunchips being opened and did not get heard by the front driver and passenger.

Now, at this point I’m thinking how I really only remember the end of the movie and have no clue what happens in between

I glance at the box quickly..

blah Catholic church..blah..alter boy… blah.. ok not bad…Rated R…uh-oh..

And then…it happens;

a chef’s knife comes down on a Catholic priest’s hand severing his fingers in mid air.(beautiful shot - looked like a McDonald’s ad for chicken fingers and sweet red dipping sauce)

My best friend squirm/gasps and his stepdad reacts instantly and pulls the van over like we just tried to light a firework on the back of his head.

In one swift but fluid motion he put the van in park, took off his seatbelt and reached back hitting eject blindly on the vcr. (NOT feeling for it, like one finger came back and articulated downward hitting it square, stopping and ejecting the tape.) He exits the van, walks around the front,then to my passenger side and slides open the van door with his left hand. His right arm enters the van at the click of the handle, almost beating beams of light through the gap. His right hand grips the tape using a thumb/pointer grasp and I could have swore I heard the vhs apologize for its rated-R content like a Squeeze-IT fruit drink. In what had to be the most athletic maneuver performed that day on the side of the interstate- I witnessed this man underhanded swoop-throw my vhs copy of Primal Fear into the roadside forest. (and it never hit the ground…jk twister joke)

Years later I would realize what had actually happened that day. The Sunchips didn’t actually muffle the noise and only tuned (driver) stepdads ears more closely to my movie of choice. Stepdad had caught a glimpse of my purchase but did not immediately recognize the blockbuster until it started playing.

My road trip hosts were devout Catholic…this I knew but didn’t understand. Primal Fear had Ed Norton playing a Catholic altar boy…this I knew but didn’t understand.

I made the road trip so much longer and worse for everyone that day…this I know..and do understand.


Wayne's Really Really Smart Movies



4 Brains

When someone asks me, as they often do, "Wayne, who enjoys the movie DragonHeart?", I always respond with the same answer: "Anyone with eyes to see, anyone with feelings to feel".

The film stars Dennis Quaid (Independent Spirit award winner for best supporting actor in 2002's Far From Heaven) as the protagonist named Bowen.

Bowen Quaid works with the world's last surviving dragon, Draco (voiced by Sean Connery) to stop an evil Prince from taking over the world.

As a reviewer I like to avoid spoilers at all cost, but trust me when I say, If you love dragons you will adore this little movie.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love dragons. Favorite band? Imagination Dragons. Favorite shirt? A blue shirt with a dragon on it that my mum bought me last year. Favorite color? Dragon red. Favorite member of Ruff Ryders that isn’t DMX? Drag-on Favorite way to get a heavy object into my house? Drag - in Favorite physician? Dr. Agon

I could go on and on.

I say this because it's important for you to know that I'm a bit biased when it comes to the film DragonHeart. Is it a good movie? No. Does it hold up after all these years? No. Should you watch it? No. Does it have Dragons? Yes!

So there you have it. If you weren't convinced enough already, maybe this quote from the film will help you understand the underlying beauty

Gilburt of Glockenspur: "AAAAHHH WE'RE DYING, WE'RE GOING TO DIE!"

Bowen of House Quaid: "No, brother Gilburt, We aren't dying. We're flying."

DragonHeart 4 out of 5 brains.