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You’ve Got Mail


2.5 Brains

This movie explores how two adults handle anonymity in the mature themed DZ Discovery Zone that we now currently call “The Internet.”

You see…The internet was a new and scary place in the 90’s and this kept many people away, but not me….

To connect to this mystery land, known as “the internet,” customers had to own a device called a modem. Think of a modem as a “Stargate” (watch the movie, dumdum), opening a portal to another land. However, to open this portal, modems didn’t arrange hieroglyphics on a large, rotating ring..nahh, instead modems would play an arrangement of sounds, each different from the sound before, on what can only be described as an internally installed devil’s flute.

The sounds emitted had no known way of being muffled. This reviewer remembers piling blankets, pillows, and quilts around and on top of his parents modem hoping to stifle the demonic communica in its place.

However, any insulating properties once held by the cottons, polyesters, and wool vanished immediately upon the first note. The circus of sounds played even louder but this time in such a braggadocious manner as to say “na ah ah, na ah ah.”

An AOL commercial with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan secretly cheating on their partners sounds great on paper..but on’s still kinda wrong..yeah?

Great seeing Dave Chappelle though.

2.5 Brains